The Magdalena Technique Teachers Program

Total hours needed to complete program:

  • Group Preferred Students : 14 hours   Course: MTTP051

  • Group Guest Students : 14 hours          Course: MTTP052


Upon program completion of program, Students are presented with a MT Teachers Certificate and the Teachers Gold Sash, along with the Binder containing the Exclusive “THE MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE “ Program.

Pre-requisite for the Guest Students: They MUST have completed the MT Advanced Program, Course # MTAP041.


Some of The Teachers Program Requirements                               Private                    Group

  1. Exercise of atonement                                                                      1 hour                       2 hours

  2. Exercise of Call-Response                                                               2 hours                     4 hours

  3. Emphasis on the Habanera                                                             1 hour                       2 hours

  4. Others music genre with the Habanera                                       1 hour                       2 hours

  5. Concept of Giving and Receiving                                                   1 hour                       2 hours

  6. Complex exercises of Call-Response in Habanera                    1.5 hour                   3 hours



Cost of Program:


Preferred Students                                                                                 Guest Students

who studied the entire   Magdalena Technique Program                                    who studied elsewhere


$950  (GROUP)                                                                                         $2,250 (GROUP)

Includes Test Out                                                                                     Includes Test Out

Session/Ceremony                                                                                  Class/Ceremony