Pre-Tango Program Course: MTPT0021 Total: 7 hours

A series of five workshops for students of the Magdalena Technique and for the general public who desire to deepen their knowledge of History, Music and Vocabulary of Argentinean Tango. The Connection & Posture Workshops introduce the basics of technique and give students an opportunity to feel like a Tango dancer.

These courses have been designed to give students a rich, introductory knowledge of the Argentinean Tango. Participants may enroll in one class at time or attend the entire series. No prior dance experience is necessary.

The entire program is a prerequisite for Intermediate students of the MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE

The Connection                     2 hours                         Course: MTPT01

To be a successful partner it is essential to have an understanding of how to connect. The ability to lead without force and the ability to follow with awareness & intention are explored.

Exercises include:

  • Posture: Standing & walking alone with an awareness of one’s’ own axis.

  • Connection: Standing and walking as a unit, forwards, backwards and sideways.

  • Giving and Receiving: An exercise in flow.

Appropriate for both couples and singles desiring to improve their partner dancing skills as well as interested in using the art of dance to enjoy a deeper connection to self and others. Course is accompanied by melodic music, soft lighting and chocolate.

The Posture of Tango                 90 minutes                  Course: MTPT02

Tango’s mystique is often associated by the way its dancers stand and move together through space. Fundamental to being a dancer of skill is the cultivation of muscles that give an illusion that no effort is being used to move them. In reality regular practice is required to strengthen, and maintain suppleness. Included in this course is learning how to hold oneself upright as a reflex, while at the same time surrendering to the 3rd Axis created by the “connection.” The Magdalena “Walking Technique” is introduced in this course, along with the graceful application of pivots, turns and pauses.

The Music of Tango               60 minutes                     Course: MTPT02A

In this course of listening, students will be immersed in the music of Tango and become acquainted with the instruments, phrasing, melodies, call and response, timing and lyrics. Specific genres visited, include. The Condombe, (African-Roots) The Golden Age, and the more recent Nuevo Tango Movement and electronic influences. Discussion will revolve around how these forms have influenced the dance.


The Language of Tango                60 minutes              Course: MTPT02B

In this course students into the world of Tango, literally translated to mean, “The place where we meet,” from the Kikongo language of West. Africa. Explored in depth are the meaning of words and translations that define this beautiful dance that weaves storytelling with music and song. Terms include: Condombe, Habanera, Mollinette, Media Luna, Gancho, Sacada, Planeo and more.


The History of Tango                   90 minutes              Course: MTPT03C

Tango has evolved from its early African beginnings on the Plantations of Argentina to the underground dance practiced in the brothels to later being embraced by European society with a disassociated from its early roots. Content includes an overview of the defining political & social forces that influenced the dance and the music and its ongoing evolution as Tango enjoys a global resurgence.

Required reading: Tango: The Language of Love. By Robert Ferris Thompson.



Cost of Program Pre Tango Program


The Connection Workshop

  • Community $35 single $60 couples

  • MT Students $25 single $45 couples

The Posture of Tango

  • Community $25

  • MT Students $20

The Music of Tango

  • Community $20

  • MT Students $15

The Language of Tango

  • Community $20

  • MT Students $15

The History of Tango

  • Community $20

  • MT Students $15


Pre-Paid Series All Five Courses

  • Community $95

  • MT Students $75