A series of five workshops for students of the Magdalena Technique and for the general public who desire to deepen their knowledge of History, Music and Vocabulary of Argentinean Tango. The Connection & Posture Workshops introduce the basics of technique and give students an opportunity to feel like a Tango dancer.

These courses have been designed to give students a rich, introductory knowledge of the Argentinean Tango. Participants may enroll in one class at time or attend the entire series. No prior dance experience is necessary.

The entire program is a prerequisite for the BeginnersIntermediates and Advanced students of the MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE.

That series of five workshops are the Pre-Tango Program.

We have designed a Teachers Program to train those who are interested in becoming the Certified Instructors or Teachers, within our Organization, or who would want to pursue their own enterprise.

Jean-Pierre Sighe and the Tango Master and Legend Carlos Eduardo Gavito

More info on the Maestro here and here.

Jean-Pierre Sighe and Marcela Duran. Marcela was Gavito's dance  partner, most notably in "Forever Tango".