The Magdalena Technique Beginners Program 


Total hours needed to complete program:

  • Private: 10 hours          Course  # MTBP021

  • Group: 20 hours            Course # MTBP022


Upon program completion of program, Students are presented with a MT Beginners Certificate and the Beginners White Sash

The Beginners course starts with the Posture Exercises-Solo Axis, leading to the MT WALKING TECHNIQUE. This essential foundation then explores the generation of the 3rd axis-Key to connection. The course culminates in the introduction of the Pivots.


Cost of Program:

*10 Private Sessions           20 Group Classes

5 Weeks                                   6 Weeks

2 X Per Week                          3 X Per Week

$1,050                                      $350

Includes Test Out                 Includes Test Out

Session/Ceremony              Class/Ceremony

*Private sessions include a dance partner (if you don't already have one) to accelerate the learning process.