The Magdalena Technique

Is a rigorous, soulful method for learning the Argentine Tango.  Students of the technique are given solid foundations that include the basics: walking, timing, and feeling, as well as advanced techniques of storytelling through dance.  These essentials provide a framework for improvisation and spontaneity. 

Steps are not taught, however, as students’ progress to the intermediate stage they will have acquired tools that allow them to dance and create dynamic combinations with ease, grace and beauty.

The technique also provides instruction in the Tango Vals (Waltz) and the Kizomba (a rhythmic form of partner dancing)


The technique was created by Jean-Pierre Sighe, a native of Cameroon. Mr. Sighe is director/owner of the Tango Magdalena Dance Studio in Oakland, California and has worked with hundreds of students privately and in group format. After seeing so many individuals that had struggled with learning steps he realized that their foundation for learning needed to focus on the “essence” of the Tango-the walking-which he called “the Walking Technique.” Seeing the success of the students inspired his partner, Oshalla Diana Marcus to prompt him to create a curriculum that would clearly define his contribution to the Tango community.  Out of this collaboration the Magdalena Technique was born.


Central to the technique is the African roots, so long buried and even denied. Jean-Pierre along with several other San Francisco Tango Instructors, received a specific request from Facundo Posadas, an Afro-Argentinean Tango Master   to spread the truth about the African-Roots of Tango. Mr. Sighe, responded to this call by establishing the Afro Roots in Tango Society. A.R.T.S., a member organization that continues to grow daily. 



A cohesive tested and proven method of dispensing the instruction on the Argentinean Tango, is the basic foundation of the MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE®. To dance Tango, is to improvise. The natural function of dancing implies the spontaneous generation of movement in the body. We have remained strictly faithful to that notion and we have stayed away from teaching steps to our students. Rather, we have focused of divulging the secrets of improvisation, this, creating dancers at ease on any dance floor.



If you are exploring or are involved with ANY partner dancing in the closed-embrace, or open-embrace, the MAGDALENA TECHNIQUE® will be of great value to you.

The reason is simple: once two people hold each other in a light or full embrace, a series of challenges arise automatically, such as the balance, the management of the individual axis...etc. These challenges can be overcome with the accurate information gathered over years, by skillful dancers. In other words, the solutions have already been found.
we specifically encourage the KIZOMBA dancers to study the Technique.